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Rosa Blackstar

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Jun 1 16 2:54 AM

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ANOHNI TO WALK 180 KM ACROSS WESTERN AUSTRALIAN DESERT WITH THE MARTU PEOPLE TO SUPPORT FIGHT AGAINST URANIUM MINE"In 2 days time, I am joining my Martu friends Nola and Curtis Taylor and over 100 other people from Parnngurr and neighboring communities in the Western Australian Desert on an 8 day, 180 Km protest walk from their remote community to the site of Mitsubishi and Cameco's proposed open cart uranium mine.

The proposed Kintyre mine is on their traditional lands and a threat to their well-being, as well as being gouged out of Karlamilyi National Park. Curtis and I did a piece about it on National Indigenous Television network today."
- Anohni

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Jun 1 16 3:58 AM

It's a courageous act for Anohni to stand up, participate and speak out for such a relevant cause!! She's truly commited!! I admire her braveness!!! To me she's the real 'truth-telling envoy' that doesn't 'shay away'!!

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Jun 3 16 5:26 AM

Couldn't agree more with you two ! I felt quite blown away by these news, to the brink of #speechlessness, because what Anohni does is so awe-inspiring, honest, beautiful, so brave and courageous.......... ,  admirable, important, inspirational, moving.......
She is truly amazing in every way!❤️


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