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Aug 10 16 11:45 PM

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Hello  image

I am desperately looking for good quality audio files (live recordings) of the songs from "The Life And Death Of Marina Abramovic":

- Your Story, My Way
- Your Story, My Way (Reprise)
- I Am Seething
- Dream Crusher
- Snowy Angel
- Saints Ascend
- Watch Me
- The Cut
- Empathy
- Salt In My Wounds
- Willem's Song
- Volcano Of Snow

Can anyone help, please...


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Rosa Blackstar

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Aug 11 16 4:55 AM

Welcome to the board, baal333! image

We all want desperately to get LADOMA's soundtrack with good quality! At the moment there are only a few videos here and there. I'll see what can I do to help you. image

Hoping to see you again around here!

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Posts: 2 Member Since:10 August, 2016

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Aug 11 16 7:43 AM

hi rosa

thanks for your reply and your effort... I've been a regular visitor on this forum but haven't posted anything until now...



ps. "volcano of snow" is my absolute favorite from LADOMA...

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Ricardo Babooshka

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Aug 30 16 3:03 AM

hello! welcome to the forum baal33.

i think your story, my way was my favourite from LADOMA. her voice just appeared out of nowhere at the beginning of the play and it just hit me so hard. and i love anohni's "simple and short" songs, like this one, and You Are the Treasure or In My Dreams, for example.

i still remember when she used to do live "Dream about who you are", so beautiful !!!

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