Jun 27 14 4:07 AM

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My family Antony of Antony And The Johnsons, a dear sibling as we are both children of the late and also everpresent Chloe Dzubilo , just asked me to share this recent writing with a larger audience, and I said YES I can help do that. Please read with an open mind, or more importantly, an open H E A R T. I will add my 2 cents at the top that my plea is for compassion for the young AND older trans who as Antony says so eloquently, need support, at the very least I'd pray for TOLERANCE. I am holding high the intention for PEACE in this sharing. Thank you for this Antony. Please feel free to repost anyone if you care to. :


"I think its sad that so many gay people are waging a war against young trans people who are struggling to create new language to frame their experiences and to broaden the parameters for their dignified treatment, both within the gay community and within the larger society. Isn't it the right of transgendered people to decide for themselves how they want to be addressed? Isn't the reward for our struggle as an older generation the simple hope that the next generation are more liberated, and feel more entitled to be treated respectfully? To me it feels like a positive evolution and I am sad that so many gays and drag queens feel threatened by it. Shouldn't we be nurturing this dialogue as elders and not labeling young trans activists "bullies"? It just seems sad to me.Sometimes babies hit their mothers. Its a part of growing up. But a good mother doesn't take it personally then dump the baby in the street. She exhibits wisdom and graciousness and allows for a few growing pains.I know so many people who are clinging to 1993 definitions of words like "tranny" or whatever and refusing to understand that the meaning of these words has evolved, as it's use has disseminated through society. When we were using words like "tranny" in the early 90s in downtown night life it meant one thing. 20 years later, with gaggles of straight girls raised on Rupaul's drag race, referring to trans women as "trannies" it means, and feels, completely different. Of course Jayne County can say whatever she wants; she's a fucking legend!!! But remember when all the young Queer Nation gays from 1992 started calling Quentin Crisp a homophobe in public forums? Once we were the younger ones, pushing the envelope! Lets be willing to learn and evolve, and support our courageous trans-sisters and brothers!!!!! Let's be "teach-able" as Laverne Cox said to Katie Couric recently.  Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera and Chloe would be right along with them."