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Ricardo Babooshka

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Mar 15 16 4:21 AM

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Last weekend I couldn’t stop listening to Drone Bomb Me. I’m sure most of you reading can relate to this. On Sunday afternoon I played the song on my speakers at maximum volume, ready to wake all my neighbours up from their siesta.

What happened then was that, after the part where Anohni sings “After all, I’m partly to blame”, and when I was ready to sing my heart and my lungs out to HudMo’s synths, the “coda” of the song started just a couple of verses later.

Don’t get me wrong. I love every second of Drone Bomb me and I get that Anohni has experimented (as she has all throughout her career) with non-traditional songwriting in this record, I just think that a complete chorus (So drone bomb me, Blow me from the mountains And into the sea, Blow me from the side of the mountain, Blow my head off, Explode my crystal guts, Lay my purple on the grass. You know the deal) before the coda would have been great. I don’t know, maybe my wish will be granted in live performances.

What do you think?
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Rosa Blackstar

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Mar 15 16 4:54 PM

If I understand what you mean, I think it's only missing three words in "Blow me from the (side of the) mountain" and this line: "Lay my purple on the grass". For me it's okay in this way. I think it does the ending less classic and predictable. But I know, we never have enough of Anohni! Is not that right, Ricardo? image

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