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May 21 16 5:38 PM

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could not find it ( yet.... ? ) on yt, here's a link to spotify
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Ricardo Babooshka

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Jan 31 17 3:44 AM

"Black Peter" by ANOHNI & YMusic 

One of my friends came to see me last night
I was laying in my bed, crying
She said the tragedy of your life
is that you don't enjoy living 

Just then the wind
came calling at my door
I was swept into shadow
don't know how to extricate me
from the only world that I know 

Fever rose up to one hundred and five
Rose up and rolled back down again
One more day
I might find myself
grateful to be alive 

See how everything leads up to this day
it's just like any other day that's ever been
Sun coming up and then the sun's going down
Shine through my window and my friends they come around
come around, come around 

People they know and people they care
I don't know how to live
"Take a look at poor Peter
he's laying in pain
let's try to set her free" 

All free, all free

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