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May 26 16 6:16 PM

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I stumbled over this ( NOT official !! ) video recently and I felt it is amazingly fitting to the sound, atmosphere, lyrics, mysteriousness of the song....... ( one of my forever favourite songs in ANY version 💕)
What do you think ?

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Rosa Blackstar

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#1 [url]

May 27 16 3:46 AM

I obviously love this song too, alexa. And I love the exciting memories from the show in Madrid that it brings to my mind. This version is a good foretaste of the current Anohni, indeed.

That's another good example, so enigmatic and ethereal... (Sorry for the black video. I couldn't find anything better)

"My desire to see the light, my desire to be pure" 


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Posts: 62 Member Since:21 May, 2014

#2 [url]

May 27 16 2:39 PM

Yes, dear Rosa, this older collaboration with OPN seems - in hindsight - like an amuse-gueule of GREAT things to come !
I do LOVE 'Returnal' as well !
And the quote of the lyrics you chose fits completely with her very direct outspokenness now, regarding Hopelessness, the interviews and statements...
Of course, Anohni has ALWAYS been outspoken and 'pure', it just seems as if with the current issues she is addressing it all became more "direct" and clear
( do I make any sense ?? Oh, well, I am sure you'll  understand what I am trying to say 👹😉)
( btw - could you open the link to the vid I have posted? For whatever reasons, I could not! NO idea why... ) 

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